Become a Partner

Become a partner

If you own a business or a nonprofit and you would like to be part of the collective efforts to make a difference in Newport Beach there are a few ways you can do that:

  • Join the Network: The Love Newport Beach team meets on a regular basis to discuss challenges in our city and collaborate on solutions. Contact Brian Darrow to get connected:
  • Gifts in Kind: As a business or nonprofit you have supplies and resources that can support the efforts to make a difference in Newport Beach. Please reach out if you would like to become an In-kind partner.
  • Financial Support: As a nonprofit, we rely on the generous gifts of individuals and businesses to create a collaborative approach to the city’s greater challenges. If you are interested in using your advertising dollar to make a difference in the community, please let us know or donate today.

    Become a church partner

    Love Newport Beach serves congregations in the city by facilitating events, training, and teams in each area below that help us work better together. We invite your congregation to engage in one or all of the following ways. Is there someone who could be the champion for your congregation in one or more of these areas?

    1. Praying for our city: Intentionally helping empower your congregation to be praying for their city.
    2. Loving our Neighbors: Equipping your congregation to make a difference in their sphere of influence.
    3. Impacting the schools: Serving and relating with a particular school(s) in our city on an ongoing basis in order to encourage the students, staff and parents engaged there.
    4. Engaging our city’s big challenge/Homelessness: Actively serving in a collaborative manner to help overcome one of the city’s big challenges. In Newport Beach it’s currently homelessness.

    You can also partner with Love Newport Beach financially. We invite you to consider beginning to give ¼ of 1% of your budget towards the collective work in the city.