People experiencing homelessness is on the rise in our nation, state and city.

As complex an issue as it is, as frustrating as we all may be with legislation, laws and the challenges that come with this issue, we must engage in a productive, strategic, collective manner in order to see progress and people's lives impacted. Lives change when others engage and invest in one other. Love Newport Beach can help you engage and invest in others who are experiencing homelessness. Here are ways for you to get engaged.


Ways to
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Community Impact Team

One of the gaps in the continuum of care for our unhoused neighbors was a way for them to re-enter the workforce. The Community Impact Team was created as a transitional work program to organize volunteer opportunities for people experiencing homelessness. These opportunities provide practical skills like how to work on a team, be punctual, complete a resume or job application, and resolve conflict. Volunteer opportunities are sponsored by local businesses, churches, and city agencies.

Being part of a team environment builds into the participants not only with the practical job skills, but also with a sense of dignity and purpose as they are contributing to their community. Volunteer project participation is celebrated with gift cards to help them maintain basic needs.

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Initiative Leader

Terry Moore

Terry has fed his passion for serving those experiencing homelessness for 15 years. He first felt called to step up on this challenge when visiting the Isaiah’s House women’s shelter.

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Love Newport Beach Homeless Allies

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